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Meet the region to which many return ...

     It is not easy to get to know Tourist Region: the Lakeland Sława and Wschowa's Land. Our region consists of: meso-geographical region - Lakeland Sława and historical administrative area - Wschowa's Land.
     This region has a lot of interesting and exciting places: areas of lush vegetation in the background, changing like a kaleidoscope landscape and grounds, through which passed the "wind of history." In the end we see it all.
     So we have before our eyes a very interesting tourist region, through which we wander for years to discover the most picturesque corners, surprising creations of nature and to enjoy the charming views of nature at any time of day or year.
     Numerous monuments of religious architecture, burgher houses and palaces and stately homes are the pride of the region.
     We urge people to enjoy a wide variety of dishes, sweets and drinks from our local gastronomy.
     Moreover, in our holidaymakers, tourists can take advantage of modern halls and sports fields, wellness facilities, or participate in interesting cultural, artistic, recreational and tourist.

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